MiroCam Capsule endoscope system was invented to detect abnormalities in the small bowel by visualizing the small bowel mucosa.  The capsule takes images of the small bowel using the wireless camera inside of the capsule.

The MiroCam receiver is responsible for storing the data transmitted from the capsule and uploading it to the computer software.  After about 12 hours from the start of the procedure, the receiver automatically turns off and then you can upload the data.

The uploaded data is processed into image through MiroView software program and displayed to diagnose diseases related to the small intestine. 



Medisono offers a mid-segment ultrasound portfolio whilst offering the highest standards in image and service quality.

Medisono aims to establish long-term relationships as well as ensure maximum patient and physician satisfaction. They pride themselves in making sure that they always match the clients needs with the appropriate equipment and service. These are all backed by product warranties and commitment to post-sales service.

Medisono develops ultrasound technology that facilitates better diagnosis and patient outcomes. Their products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards, ensuring that they are reliable and fully certified( ISO 9001 & 13485) certified and their products CE and FDA approved.

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