Medical Equipment And Devices 

Medical Equipment And Devices 

We do our best to meet the needs of our clients and their patients by offering essential medical equipment to help save lives. Pureline Medical represents only the best companies with the highest quality equipment and the best certifications. 

Trudell Medical is a leader in designing and manufacturing the highest quality aerosol drug delivery and lung health devices for the management of respiratory conditions. 
• World’s only breath-actuated nebulizer. 

• Specialty Chambers.
• Asthma Devices. 
• COPD exacerbation devices (clinically proven,  drug-free, and cost-effective).

• Tabletop and Portable compressors. 


Seoil Pacific is a developer and manufacturer of airway clearance devices (Comfort Cough). Comfort cough helps with the clearance of secretions in the airway, for patients that are unable or have difficulties coughing. 

• Comfort Cough- Cough Assist devices. 

Medima is a supplier of medical infusion systems, offering comprehensive solutions for safe intravenous and intraarterial drug application as well as parenteral and enteral nutrition administration and blood transfusion. 
Products are mutually compatible and can be combined into sets, starting from the simplest ones which consist of a few elements, and ending with sophisticated systems combined into a whole through an information network. 
• Infusion pumps.

• Docking stations and infusion stands.

• Administration Sets.

• Software.

With headquarters in Turkey, Elmaslar focuses on  integrated quality, manufacturing the following hospital-grade devices: 
• Oxygen Concentrator.

• Ultrasonic Nebulizers.

• Compressor Nebulizers.

• Surgical Aspirators for hospital use.

• Portable Surgical Aspirator.

• Surgical Aspirator for Ambulance use.

• Sleep Apnea therapy devices. 

Other Supplies

- Breathing Systems.
- Catheter Mounts.
- Masks
- Resuscitators.
- Suction Systems.
- Tourniquet.
- Medical Furniture.
- Mattresses.
- Lab Equipment.
- Physiotherapy.
- Gowns and drapes.
- Airway consumables.