Lab Consumables

Lab Consumables

Our company offers an array of disposable medical products to meet every health care institution's needs.  Our assortments of equipment include Vacuum Collection  System for biological fluids, bacteriology, and various disposable laboratory products. 

Vacutest Kima specializes in the manufacturing of vacuum systems for the collection of biological fluid. 
Vacuum Collection System - Blood collection tubes, sterile and non-sterile, with activators or serum separators. 

System for Biological Fluids - Blood and urine collection devices and testing tools. 
Disposable Products for Laboratory - Essential laboratory items. 

Products with an aim to make the blood collection process simpler, and prevent disinfection. 


Single-use Tourniquets: for children and adults. 
 • Shot blocker: a device used to alleviate the pain and anxiety of needle injections. 

The Group produces well-known and internationally respected brands representing state-of-the-art quality within their individual fields. 

• Disposable articles for the laboratory sector,  primarily for in vitro diagnostic use. 
- Capillary tubes.

- Blood lancets.

- Pipetting devices.

- Lancing devices.