Healthcare Furniture

Healthcare Furniture

We provide total furnishing solutions for hospitals, medical  centers and clinics. Our diverse product line addresses  human needs in health and wellness across the entire field of  healthcare. The exceptional quality of our innovative products is reflected in making spaces function comfortably and safely for the well-being of your patients. 
We offer a wide range of choices to meet your every need  From medical furniture such as trolleys, couches, stretchers,  and medical beds & mattresses, etc.

Jarven manufactures mattresses to provide the highest  sleep comfort for the patient throughout the continuum of  care, combined with the best possible hygiene, quality  and safety. 
• Lentex- Hygienic Mattresses. 
• Opticell- Alternating Air Mattresses. 
• Melissa- Standard Mattresses. 
• Special Mattresses- (Maternity wards, Detox clinics). 
• Fireproof Mattress • Others (Evacuation, Emergency Care,  Positioning, Fire Hazard, Incontinence, Pillows). 

A company with a worldwide international presence,  Mespa manufactures medical furniture that is suitable  for the whole medical sector. 
• Hopsital beds. 
• Pediatric beds.

• Stretchers, patient transfer, and blood  drawing chairs. 
• Stainless steel Equipment. 
• Patient room accessories. 
• Medical carts. 
• Delivery beds and gynecology tables. 
• Other equipment.