Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnostic Solutions

Pureline Medical offers an array of diagnostic solutions to meet every health care institution’s needs. Introducing the latest technology to the Medical Imaging Industry, we aim to maintain the high standards to provide the health sector with the most advanced technology. Our diagnostic solutions section specializes in the latest endoscopy and ultrasound technology to support better diagnosis and patient outcomes. 

Endoscopy capsule with the latest technology: 
Internal Human Body Communication (IHBC) Technology It is the first communication technology in the world that can communicate from the inside to the outside of the human body by using the conductive characteristic of the human body. 
Medical Image Processing (MIP) Technology It is a technology for minimizing image distortion, effectively removing noise,  and improving diagnostic validity. 
 •Ergonomics-based Device Design and Manufacturing Technology  It is a device design and manufacturing technology that can, based on ergonomics, maintain and improve the functions of the body insert part as well as manufacture in micro miniaturization at the same time. 

From B&W Digital Ultrasound Systems to Digital Color Doppler with great  3D/4D Imaging Quality. 
P3- Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System, high resolution linear/convex scanning diagnostic apparatus. 

P5- A high-value B/W cart-based system with a 15” LCD monitor. 

P10- Compact lightweight design with user-centric workflow, the P10  (12.1 “ LCD monitor) delivers on the need for highly portable easy-to-use ultrasound applications, with diverse probes and clear stable images. 

P9 EXPERT- Portable digital ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system  (12.1” LCD monitor) with superior clarity, that is best used for applications in Anesthesiology, Emergency/Critical Care, Mobile Service,  Vascular, General Imaging, and Women’s Health Care applications. 


P10 EXPERT- Portable digital ultrasonic system (15” LCD monitor)  that can be used with a trolley, whilst maintaining full portability when needed. P10 Expertise is great for applications in Abdomen,  Obstetrics, Gynecology, small parts, musculoskeletal, urology,  pediatrics, and cardio-vascular applications.

P12 EXPERT- Loaded with a host of must-have, useful functions and a  suite of extended applications, the P12 Expert (17” high definition  LCD monitor) is capable of providing superior endovaginal imaging,  as well as the abdomen, cardiovascular, small parts. musculoskeletal,  urology, anesthesia, and soon. 

P25 EXPERT- An ultrasound device (18.5” high-resolution LCD  monitor) that excels in radiology by the combination of prominent  3D/4D imaging technologies, unique probes, and distinguished hardware and software, for accurate diagnostic results in OB/GYN applications and so on. 

Based in Poland, Aspel specializes in manufacturing the following  devices for diagnosis and treatment in different specialties: 
• ECG Electrocardiographs.

• ECG Holders.

• Blood Pressure Monitors.

• Stress Test Systems.

• Rehabilitation.

• Spirometry.

• Ergospirometry.