Pureline Medical offers a wide range of consumables to suit the needs of almost every specialty. We do our best to sustain high standards by providing consumables with certifications and the highest quality.  Our consumables product lines cover many specialties. 

RVent is a manufacturer of high-quality disposable medical devices for airway management, anesthesia, critical care,  and oxygen & aerosol therapy. 
• Breathing Circuits.

• Catheter Mounts.

• Filters.

• O2-Aerosol Therapy Products.

• Gas Monitoring Lines.

• BVM resuscitators.

• Masks.

• Humidifier Chambers.

• Accessories.

• Connectors.

• Tubings.

• Closed Suction Systems.

With a headquarter in Poland, Sol-Millennium specializes in a wide portfolio of consumables specialized in blood collection and medication delivery. 


• Medication Delivery.
• SOL-CARE Safety Blood Collection.
• SOL-M Safety Injections.

• SOL-CARE Safety Needles.
• SOL-CARE Safety Syringe.
• SOL-M Pen Needles.
• Conventional- No Safety Solutions.

A group of sister companies providing medical disposables. 


• High-Quality Disposable Devices.

• Sutures.

• Syringes.

• Needles.

• Diabetes care.

• Venipuncture.

• IV administration.

• Examination.


• Chiralen Meshes (non-absorbable)- available in different sizes.

• Capromesh meshes (partially absorbable)-  available in different sizes. 


DeRoyal brings value to its customers in several distinct markets. These markets include surgical devices, unitized delivery systems, orthopedic supports and bracing, and wound care dressings. 
• Orthopedic.

- Bracing.

- Orthopedic Soft Goods.

- Rehabilitation.

- Temperature Therapy.

- Electrotherapy.
• Surgical.

- Waste Fluid Management.

- Temperature Monitoring.

- Patient Positioning.

- Minimally Invasive.

- Electrosurgical.

- Facial Protection.

- Surgical Accessories.
• Patient Care.

- Falls Management.

- Patient Safety.

- Pressure Ulcer Management.

Canack is a CE/FDA certified company with high-quality standards  that specializes in the following medical consumables: 
• Anesthesia and respiratory consumables.

• Surgical drain consumables.

• Other medical supplies.

• Female Hygiene consumables

• Epidemic prevention products. 

With Headquarters in Canada, Promisemed Medical Devices  Inc. is aimed at developing, manufacturing, and marketing premium-quality diabetes care consumables all around the world. 
• Insulin Pen Needles.

• Safety Pen Needles.

• Sharps Container.

• Safety Lancets.

• Blood Lancets.

• Lancing devices.

• Heel Blood Lancets.